Fire Mitigation & Tree Thinning

Wildfire landscape at night

Boulder Tree Thinning And Fire Mitigation

Reinholt Tree Care’s certified arborists perform tree thinning for fire mitigation. We are trained to create a defensible space on your property effectively making a safety zone around one’s house. Wildfire hazards exist throughout Colorado and Boulder residents are no stranger to wildfires. People living in Boulder forested homesites among the Colorado foothills know that tree thinning and fire mitigation are not only important but essential. We know that with proper tree thinning and fire mitigation, hazards can be lowered to adequate levels by following some important guidelines of fire safety.

Defensible Space

Creating a defensible space around your home provides for a sense of wellbeing. As we all know, we cannot control if a wildfire starts, but with attention to detail we can control how close it can get to our house. By developing a defensible space around our homes by strategically thinning and removing trees, we effectively reduce the fuel that a freewheeling wildfire needs to sustain itself. Protection for your home and other structures using proper techniques greatly lowers the risk of losing your home to wildfire. Do not leave this important task to a guy with a chainsaw. We are highly trained, licensed, bonded and insured and have been doing this since 2003. Our proficient crew knows what it takes to make your property secure.

Free Fire Mitigation Estimates

Fire mitigation is essential and we provide free tree thinning estimates. We are sure that we can complete your project in a comprehensive and effective manner. We provide wildfire mitigation in Boulder County and the surrounding areas along the front range and in the Colorado foothills. Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment 303-931-9282.