Stump Grinding

Progression of 3 pictures from tree removal, to stump grinding, to finished product

Boulder Stump Removal

Reinholt Tree Care has provided Boulder stump removal services since 2003. Boulder County has many stumps left over from old tree removal projects.These stumps not only are an eyesore, but are commonly home to unwanted pests like termites which no one wants near their home. Tree stumps detract from your property’s aesthetics and value. We remove unsightly tree stumps fast and can work with your goals to help restore the landscape. In Boulder and the surrounding Colorado areas we have removed many tree stumps; depending on the size and state of the stump, removal can be very quick and affordable. We have never encountered a stump that we couldn’t remove.

Boulder Stump Grinding

The main technique to removing stumps in Boulder is stump grinding. Stump grinding is a very effective way to clear your property of any trace that a tree once stood there. Reinholt Tree Care has specialized machinery to grind stumps down into mulch or compost. The stump grinding machinery uses specialized teeth that spin and grind down the wood. This is better than digging a giant hole around the stump and pulling it out of the ground. Sometimes, if warranted we can use excavation to remove stumps but grinding them out is always the prefered method. If a stump is in a location that is hard to access, we may be able to employ handheld tools to remove it. Our stump grinding projects are based on your plans of what you want to do with the site after the stump is removed.

Stump Removal Services

We efficiently grind tree stumps and their roots into useful mulch. We serve our customers with courteous and professional customer service. Above all else, our clean up of the site is meticulous after we finish. Our prices are very affordable and we are licensed, bonded and insured with over a decade of experience.  Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment 303-931-9282.