Tree Trimming

Ash tree trimming with sky background

Boulder Tree Trimming

Reinholt Tree Care has been providing Boulder tree trimming services since 2003, we have developed a skill level and efficiency that only comes with years of experience and a dedicated staff. Our tree trimming services are for smaller trees all the way up to the largest trees. No job is too big for our crew. There is an art and science to making a tree beautiful and healthy. The art of tree trimming is to turn an old eyesore into a grand and majestic beauty, to shape a tree and give it a character that amplifies and engages its surroundings. The science of making a tree healthy lays within calculated removal of dead and decaying limbs.

Boulder Tree Pruning

We are the experts of tree pruning in Boulder County. The science of tree pruning is to make trees safe and healthy with strategically placed cuts while maintaining a safe and clean worksite. We commonly work on pruning some of Boulder’s largest and oldest trees taking care to improve their health and prolong their life. It takes a critical analysis to make sure that not only are trees protected but the surrounding homes as well. This is our livelihood so we manage every project both large and small with the utmost attention to detail. The final decision on determining if a tree needs trimming or pruning depends on the condition and species of the tree in question, that is why we do on site analysis. The trees we prune look great, our reputation depends on it!

Free Tree Trimming Estimates

We are happy to provide free tree trimming estimates. We are confident that we can complete your project on time and on budget. We provide tree trimming and pruning in Boulder and throughout Boulder County including Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette and the surrounding areas along the front range. Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment 303-931-9282.